Social Media Trends: The Next Big Thing

Before the New Year hit, there were many different social media predictions for the year to come. Now that we’re into the second month of the year, we’re noticing some of these predictions have become social media trends. MagicLogix put together the infographic below, pointing out some of the major social media trends. Here are…

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What is Content Marketing and how is it Different than Copywriting?

Content marketing and copywriting are often confused to be the same, but they’re not. Because they’re used in the same context a lot of the time, this tends to cause confusion. The difference between content marketing and copywriting seems straightforward, however it can begin to get confusing as you put your marketing plan together.

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Video Content: 3 Reasons it’s Not Working

Video content is an important part of your school’s social media marketing and blogging strategy. Adding video content to your editorial calendar and website helps to build your online community and brand awareness. It also helps to tell your school’s story in a way that a written story can’t. Have you been creating videos but notice that they’re not working the way you anticipated?

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The Cost of Social Media: 4 Reasons it’s Getting More Expensive

For a long time people have thought the cost of social media was free. The assumption was that since it’s free to create profiles or pages on social media sites and post to them, that there’s no cost. Well, that’s wrong. And if you have this belief going into 2014, then your marketing is going to suffer.

A brand or school’s social media presence should never be left up to the intern or entry level professional. More and more schools are starting to outsource their social media marketing to agencies because there’s so much to keep up with and not enough time in the day. In fact, according to eMarketer, content creation, video marketing, and social media content creation has become a $118.4 billion dollar industry.

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Marketing to Resolutions -3 Ways to Target Students Now

Getting more education and improving career situations made it into the top ten last year in the Franklin Covey annual survey on New Year’s Resolutions. How perfectly delightful for schools who might be able to help students meet those very worthwhile goals. Here are just a few ways you can use your students’ (and potential…

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