Our Student Recruitment Strategies Include Cost-Per-Lead Management

student recruitment strategiesCost-per-lead marketing is becoming increasingly difficult.

Based on our experience, CPL providers are becoming more expensive and lead quality is decreasing.

Our expertise and competitive advantages help you navigate these challenges and get the best leads at the highest volume and at the lowest cost.

See how we’ve helped clients with cost-per-lead vendor management.

We have great relationships with great vendors. We also have the experience to be able to negotiate CPLs based on program, estimated conversion rate, geo, program level, etc.

Our cost-per-lead vendor management services include:

  • Analysis. We analyze everything you’re doing with cost-per-lead directories to identify problems and opportunities.
  • Budget Management. We strategically manage your cost-per-lead budget to optimize your results and get you the best mix of leads.
  • Negotiation. We work directly with your cost-per-lead providers to negotiate the best rates.
  • Lead Management. We make sure no leads ever get lost with our exhaustive lead management system.
  • Fraud Management & Quality Control. We quickly identify when your CPL providers are doing anything questionable and stop it immediately to minimize your bad leads. As a member of the Education Marketing Council, we adhere strictly to ethical marketing standards and we demand the same from our lead providers. Our team takes a proactive approach to screening and quality control, adhering to a strict zero-tolerance policy with our lead providers.
  • Compliance Management. Since July 2011, there have been new compliance guidelines that the schools have to follow in order to get Title IV funding through the Department of Education. We ensure that all compliance guidelines are met.

We’ve mastered the entire online lead generation process, going above and beyond setting caps and managing budgets to get your school only high quality, compliant-based leads.

We’ll create a customized student lead generation campaign that’s aligned with your school’s branding guidelines and targets only qualified prospective students in the areas near your campuses.

We utilize a mix of the industry’s most trusted education lead providers and our own highly customized sites to bring you the volume and quality of leads to meet your goals.

Our skilled in-house team will manage the daily lead flow, contract negotiations and perform lead source analysis to find out where the best leads are coming from to effectively measure your ROI.

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