Using Video Effectively Online

The video social media site YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web – and 24 hours worth of video is uploaded to the site every minute! Video is definitely a large part of the web and your school can use online videos for promotion and engagement with your prospective students, current students, and graduates. If your school decides to start using YouTube, it’s important to remember that not all videos are created equal. And what you find interesting may not appeal to your audience. Here are three tips your school can use for more effective online videos.

Using Video Effectively Online

1. Short videos are best.

You want to make sure that the videos you’re posting are being watched. Online viewers have a short attention span, so be sure you’re making your videos short and sweet to match! Consider this: the completion rate for a 30 second video is 90%. For two minute videos the completion rate drops to 50%.

2. Home videos are ok.

The YouTube videos your school creates don’t need to be professional, expensive videos. Online viewers expect videos to be a little “rough.” Of course, you do want to be sure that you polish the videos before putting them on any social media sites. Creating a simple opening and closing “slide” that has your school name, website, and phone number can help to clean up basic videos.

3. Use a variety of videos.

Your school’s tv commercials might seem like an easy way to jumpstart a YouTube channel. But remember, your online communities should always offer something that prospects, students, and graduates can’t get anywhere else. They can see your tv commercials on television. But they can’t see student testimonials, clips from the classroom, examples of student work, or campus events anywhere else.

Video can be a great part of your overall social media strategy for your school. It gives you content to use on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your own website, and beyond!


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