Random Web Marketing Tip – Add Links to Your YouTube Video Descriptions

If you have any videos for your school, hopefully you’ve put them up on YouTube, and you have your own channel. When adding them, make sure you write a compelling description so users know what the video is about, and can find it while searching.

Aside from getting exposure for your school when someone watches your videos, you can also help direct them back to your site by including a link in the description.

Here’s an example of a video from Xerox’s “School to Career” program that uses a link in its description.

Link in YouTube Description

An example of a video from Xerox with a link included in the description.

– Notice that the link is up towards the top of the description so users can easily see it.

– It also begins with http:// which is necessary in order for the link to work. It won’t work if you just start with www.

– One way Xerox could improve this is by using a link that’s relevant to the video content. Since this video is about their School to Career program, the link should point there. That will help drive traffic back to relevant pages on their site.

Assuming you are properly promoting your YouTube channel (which we can help with), and are optimizing your videos in other ways (which we can also help with) a link should help drive users back to your site, and can better leverage YouTube as a marketing channel.

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