Prospects are People: Tell Them a Story

The marketing era of Don Draper is a thing of the past. No longer can the prettiest ads and loudest voices gain a prospect’s attention. Marketing has evolved beyond interrupting people to shout tag lines at them; it has become an art form – the art of storytelling and connecting with prospects as people.

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5 Unique Steps to Combat Blogger’s Block

Merriam-Webster defines a blog as “a Web-site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.” Sounds pretty simple! So why do so many people stress about what topics, content or supporting data their blogs will include?

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The 20 Fastest Growing Occupations

With summer in our rearview mirror, we’re looking at the road ahead. And from our perspective at Effective Student Marketing, we see some seriously bright horizons. The economy is rebounding and job opportunities are expanding –at least for those who are properly trained.

At Effective Student Marketing, we partner with clients who are training today’s generation of workers. We understand that there is a direct connection between education and careers and are proud to be a part of the equation. Students need a solid education and proper training if they’re going to step into the wide open workforce.

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5 Facebook Best Practices for Schools

We recently had the opportunity to attend Inbound 2013 in Boston, MA, where we listened to Anum Hussain talk about Facebook best practices. Using these Facebook best practices can actually make a difference in engagement on your school’s page, which you’ll notice in Facebook Insights once you put these into effect and start comparing the analytics from previous months.

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6 Social Media Best Practices from Inbound 2013

Your school’s presence on social media is essential, but if you’re not following social media best practices you could be making a fool out of your college’s image! We had the opportunity to attend Inbound 2013 in Boston this week where we listened to Ben Grossman speak about social best practices from the best brands of 2013.

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