How Colleges and Universities Are Using Pinterest

Pinterest is the new big social media platform on the web, and if you don’t know what it is, you will soon. In the past year alone, total visitors have increased an astounding 2,702 percent! Pinterest has over 1 million daily visitors, and that is predicted to grow.  With about 44 percent of the demographic between the ages of 18 and 34, Pinterest is a great tool for colleges to take advantage of this site and to draw people to their higher education services.

Colleges can reach potential students easily, engaging teenagers to fun events being held on campus like open houses, sporting events, and much more! By colleges showing themselves to be more “social” per say, on the web, potential students are more likely to be drawn to these schools and to click through to the college website to gather more information about programs and study subjects that are offered. Pinterest is a fun way to send messages by promoting events, posting book store items, and posting sports schedules.

Colleges already on Pinterest use it to recruit potential students by posting pictures of the campus, pictures of events that were recently held at the school, and pictures of current students having fun attending these events.  Some other boards on these college pages also include boards for current students and even alumni.  Pin it boards have tips on how to dress for interviews, what to expect when interviewing, how to search for a job in different industries, and many more similar to these.  When potential students see these pictures, they are engaged with the school and definitely put your school on their mind.

Do you have a Pinterest account? How is your school or company taking advantage of this new social media platform? Let us know!





  • January 28, 2013

    I manage Chapman University’s Pinterest Page ( and after a year of experimenting, i believe our Page has found a good groove.

    I like to think of it less as a recruitment tool (although those pictures of campus are incentivizing), and more as a resource for students and Pinterest users alike. Boards for dorm room decor, “Independent Living” tips, and inspirational memes among others are our most popular boards. I believe the key to making Pinterest successful for universities is maintaining relevancy. Pinterest has a niche – primarily female and geared towards wedding, decor, DIY. But colleges and universities have great things to contribute to those popular topics!

    • Lauren B.
      January 29, 2013

      Hi Sheri, Thank you for reading! I completely agree with you on the fact that Pinterest is more of a resource for students and even graduates. For clients, I use Pinterest to pin job search tips & tricks, ways to stay organized, brain food, study tips, and even budgeting tips. Colleges and universities definitely have great things to contribute and you’re right, staying relevant is the way to being successful on this particular platform. I appreciate your comment and will look for your boards on Pinterest! -Lauren

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