Facebook Introduces Sponsored Stories Ticker

Your Facebook home page is getting yet another update: The News Ticker that was recently introduced will now display sponsored stories or ads.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the changes to Mashable, explaining, “Sponsored Stories are an extension of News Feed, so we think it’s natural that they appear in ticker.”

Facebook Sponsored Stories Ticker

According to Mashable, the end goal of the ticker could actually be to serve as an advertising vehicle. This presents a great opportunity for your school if done the right way. Sponsored Stories can increase the visibility of these powerful news feed stories when they relate to your school. Regardless of how many page “likes” your school has, they are only a portion of the people you can reach on Facebook. Sponsored Stories broadens your reach by allowing your fans to help their friends discover your school and help connect with your campaign objectives. Like Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories are non-disruptive and respect people’s privacy settings.

Sponsored Stories also support the content that your school posts to its Facebook page. The dynamic nature and unique algorithm behind each person’s news feed means that each person’s experience on Facebook is different. In other words, some of the people who “like” your page on Facebook don’t actually see your posts (status updates, photos, videos) in their news feeds. Sponsored Stories ensure that your fans see the valuable content that your page posts.

Sponsored Stories present a great opportunity for your school to continue building its Facebook community, retention, and potentially help enrollment numbers. The only way to be effective is to make sure that your Sponsored Stories campaign works with your overall strategy on Facebook. Also, keep in mind that results don’t happen overnight.

Is your school testing out Sponsored Stories? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!


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