Effective Student Marketing Brings Niche Industry Professionals Together on LinkedIn

Effective Student Marketing recently created a group on LinkedIn called For Profit & Career School Marketing. This group is for professionals in the private, for-profit higher education industry with a particular interest in marketing, social media, and/or lead generation. The group serves as a place for relevant LinkedIn users to share ideas, lead generation challenges and successes, and pertinent jobs, news, and industry trends.

“We created the group on LinkedIn to give individuals in our industry a place to connect and meet other relevant professionals,” said Andy Kelley, President of Effective Student Marketing. “Our goal for the group is two-fold: as a social media marketing company, it only makes sense for us to be an active part of such a high traffic social networking site. Secondly, having an outlet that allows us to communicate with others in the private, for-profit school marketing business is a great way to build new relationships and share ideas and challenges that we all face in this niche industry.”

The group was created at the beginning of September and already has almost 50 qualified members. Members of the For Profit & Career School Marketing Group range from Directors of Marketing and Enrollment at private, for-profit schools, as well as other relevant industry experts.

With LinkedIn reaching 45 million users last month, and with 331 million page views in June 2009 alone, Effective Student Marketing saw an opportunity to leverage such a powerful social media tool. The company has already had success marketing their company and their clients on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and is ready to expand their marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

With almost 400,000 groups on LinkedIn and very few dedicated to the private, for-profit school industry, Effective Student Marketing saw the need for such a specific forum. The goal for the group is to provide professionals in this niche business the opportunity to interact with and meet potential clients or business partners; find jobs relevant to their backgrounds and skills; and ask questions that members may not have had a place to ask beforehand, while getting accurate answers quickly.

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