Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Finding prospective students is a major investment for your school. Your marketing and advertising dollars work hard to bring in leads, which are then funneled off to your admissions representatives. But what happens if the prospect doesn’t enroll immediately? Your admissions representatives move on to new, “hot” leads, and forget about those who were interested one, two, or even six, months ago. If you’re not staying in touch with those older leads, you’re  throwing away the money you invested to find them in the first place.

Email marketing can provide your school an opportunity to recycle those old leads, helping you get more out of your marketing budget. When your school is consistently sending emails and engaging with prospects, you’ll become an important feature in their lives. When those prospects are finally ready to enroll, your school will come to mind first if you’ve been providing great content.

Here are dos and don’ts that will help your school use email marketing to engage prospects, recycle old leads, and stretch your marketing budget:


– Promote important events and deadlines that will affect the enrollment process. Open houses, class starts, and paperwork due dates are all important things that your prospects will need to know if they want to become students.
– Share information about the industries your prospects are interested in. Information about employment rates or exciting breakthroughs in their future industries are things prospects want to hear about – and your school should be the one to tell them.
– Make it easy for prospects to get in contact with you again. Phone numbers and forms should be simple to find and easy to fill out.


– Bombard your prospects with too many emails. You want your school to become a trustworthy presence with valuable information, not a source of annoying spam.
– Hard-sell every time. Email can be helpful if you need to push an upcoming class start and reach enrollment goals, but make sure you balance those messages with informational content and softer sells.
– Ignore these recycled leads. If a lead contacts you after reading one of your emails, make sure that your admissions representatives are following up with them. These people have already expressed an interest in your school once; if they’re contacting you again, make sure you follow up!

Of course, email marketing shouldn’t live in a silo. Click here to learn how you can blend email, mobile, and social marketing to help your school in our on-demand webinar.

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