Americans Viewed 42 Billion Online Videos in October

If your college doesn’t have a YouTube channel or believe in any kind of online video marketing, then check out the statistics below. They might change your marketing department’s mind.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 video content properties ranked by video views for the properties with the most unique viewers. These numbers take into consideration the progressive downloads and live streams, in addition to long-form, segmented content (source: comScore).

• Google sites (primarily YouTube): 20,933,113,000 views

• VEVO: 827,008,000

• Hulu: 791,370,000

• Microsoft sites: 661,142,000

• Yahoo sites: 551,674,000

• Viacom Digital: 540,898,000

• AOL: 410,903,000

• Facebook: 346,017,000

• Turner Digital: 223,524,000

• NBC Universal: 134,021,000

• Total: 42,593,095,000

The average length of the videos watched were 5.5 minutes. How does your school use online video to its benefit? Let us know, we’d love to hear!


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