5 Key Takeaways From SES New York For Higher Education Marketing

Members of the Effective Student Marketing team attended the SES Conference in New York City last week, where we learned about the latest trends and technology in the world of Internet Marketing.

We came back to Effective Student Marketing with some great new ideas to use with our clients in higher education marketing.

Although we sat in on dozens of sessions on dozens of different topics, it was obvious that there were some reoccurring themes at the conference. Here are the 5 Key Takeaways from #SESNY 2012:

1) Content is king, but local content is god. This was definitely the biggest themes of SESNY this year! In nearly every session we attended, the presenters spoke about the importance of creating content that’s tailored to your target audience.

Key Takeaway: Know your audience, what they’re interested in, and what type of content they like best.

2) SEO is more social than ever, so make sharing your content as easy as possible. Know which social sites are popular with your target audience and promote your content there. Engage with your audience and reward them for their interaction.

Key Takeaway: Share your content, share it often, and others will share it too!

3) Mobile has arrived! The big users of mobile happen to be the big spenders, 18 to 34 year-olds, and also the target audience for higher education marketing. These users are highly motivated consumers and they’re searching at the speed of light, so appearing above the fold is more important than ever.

Key Takeaway: Your mobile site can’t just be good; it’s got to be great. If your mobile users don’t have a good experience, they’ll move on quickly, most likely to your competitors.

4) Personalize your email messages the way you personalize your blog content. Show the recipient you know them and by referencing past emails they clicked on. For higher education marketing, send emails to an existing leads that are program specific and suggest similar programs they might be interested in.

Key takeaway: Personalizing your email messages is a great tool for nurturing your leads and upselling to them.

5) Link building is an art form that requires finesse. The best way to get quality links pointing to your site is by forming relationships with independent bloggers who are the experts in your field. The anchor text they use to link to your site needs to include your keywords, so ask nicely.

Key Takeaway: Treat these bloggers like humans and offer them incentives to link to your content, like free stuff or fresh content.


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