5 Facebook Best Practices for Schools

We recently had the opportunity to attend Inbound 2013 in Boston, MA, where we listened to Anum Hussain talk about Facebook best practices. Using these Facebook best practices can actually make a difference in engagement on your school’s page, which you’ll notice in Facebook Insights once you put these into effect and start comparing the analytics from previous months.

5 Facebook Best Practices

1. Remove links from copy or shorten them – Posting the entire link to a blog or article makes your page on Facebook look sloppy. Be sure to either remove the link entirely or shorten the link. Here’s what not to do:

Facebook best practices


2. Use photos instead of links – Whenever possible, use photos with posts instead of links. Create your status update, shorten the link, and don’t allow the thumbnail to pull through. Instead upload an image that goes with your post. According to Hubspot, photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more likes than the average post and 104% more comments than the average post. Here’s what to do:

Facebook best practices

3. Optimal image upload size – Make sure the images you upload to your Timeline are the proper size. This goes for the shared link and video previews as well. Timeline images should be 403 x 403 px, shared link preview should be 156 x 116 px, and video link preview should be 156 x 87 px.

4. Highlight horizontal photos – If you are posting a horizontal photo, make sure to highlight it so none of the image is cut off horizontally. Once the image posts to your page, select “Highlight” from the drop down directly next to the post. Here’s what not to do:

Facebook best practices

Here’s what do to:

Facebook best practices

5. Link titles < 100 characters – If you’re posting a link through on Facebook and allowing the thumbnail and article to pull through, make sure the link title is less than 100 characters. The image below displays a link title that is less than 100 characters:

Facebook best practices


Is your school already applying these best practices on its page on Facebook?

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