Graduate Placement Strategies for Career Schools

Graduate PlacementGraduate placement is more important than ever because of the economy and the Gainful Employment regulations. It’s crucial that you stay in touch with your students after they’ve graduated, and help them with graduate job placement.

But how do you do it? And when do you find time to do it? Let us relieve your graduate placement burden.

Effective Student Marketing makes it easier to connect with your students. We can create a customized and engaging marketing plan to help you with graduate placement, as well as reporting.

To sample the tools and techniques we recommend for graduate placement download our white paper, “17 Tips for Connecting Career Services & Social Media.”

We work with your Career Services and other departments. We teach them how to utilize the best means of communications to connect your graduates with their potential employers.

We also create alumni outreach campaigns for your school. We give you accurate information on your graduates when it comes time for reporting. We’ll get your graduates engaging online, sharing their positive experiences at your school for everyone to see.

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Services that aid in Graduate Placement

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We can create a custom graduate placement and reporting plan to meet your school’s needs. We’ll help you train your Career Services staff to embrace social media as part of the plan.

Learn about how we’ve helped our clients by reading our case studies.

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