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Andy KelleyHey, I’m Andy Kelley, the founder of Effective Student Marketing.

So. Who are we?

Here’s the short and technical answer: We’re a direct marketing firm providing education marketing services to private career schools and colleges. We help reach your admissions, retention, and placement goals.

Our competitive advantages include combining our extensive experience with the latest technology to create customized solutions for each client.

We pride ourselves on knowing education marketing services inside and out, staying up to date with the latest in compliance and regulatory changes.

The long answer? Here’s an overview of our story:

In 2004, after managing the marketing and admissions departments for the nation’s fourth largest private university for twelve years, I started my business in my basement.

I knew there were other colleges who could benefit from my knowledge, experience, and relentless drive for results.

I wanted to develop awesome lead generation plans and provide education marketing services for several schools and not just one.

Over the last 8+ years, I’ve been privileged to develop a fantastic team of professionals, and to provide education marketing services for dozens of great clients.

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Our Motto: “We’ll Figure it Out”

Our motto is, “We’ll figure it out.”

This doesn’t mean we don’t know what we’re doing. It means we’re willing to bend over backwards to discover new tools and strategies to serve you better.

I once heard Jon Wesling, the president of Boston University, say in a speech, “In order to succeed in life, you can’t sit back and accept the status quo. You have to approach life with restlessness and dissatisfaction.”

Those words sunk in, and I’ve lived my professional life that way ever since.

We’re still hustling to learn every day, still in search of the next best thing that will get our clients more leads at lower costs.

We’re never satisfied with resting on our laurels. We’re constantly brainstorming, experimenting, testing, refining for our clients.

Our philosophy rests on the following:

  • Know and understand the math behind the marketing. Base decisions on your ROI.
  • Test, test, test. Always, relentlessly, unceasingly.
  • Leverage technology wisely.
  • Track anything and everything you can.
  • Mass marketing is dead. Long live direct marketing.
  • Spend the client’s advertising dollar is if it were our own.
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FAQs About Our Education Marketing Services


What services does Effective Student Marketing provide?

As a full-service education marketing services agency, Effective Student Marketing develops, deploys, and manages lead generation, and social networking programs end-to-end, from strategy and creative to media, to production and reporting. A partial list of our services is below. Not all clients require every service we provide. Effective Student Marketing will create a customized marketing campaign using only the services that your school truly needs.

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing & Reputation Management
  • Cost-Per-Lead Program Management
  • Content Creation & Distribution (Blogging, Email Marketing, & More)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Design & Optimization
  • Automated Lead Scoring, Qualification, & Verification


My current agency says they “do social media.” Why do I need Effective Student Marketing?

Most education marketing services agencies claim social media is a service they offer. But at Effective Student Marketing, social media is our core expertise. A successful social media marketing campaign is much more than a page on Facebook and status updates. In order turn your “likes” into leads, you’ll need to provide an optimal combination of content and engagement. That’s exactly why Effective Student Marketing can generate better results than most other marketing agencies and usually at a lower cost.

It’s great that Effective Student Marketing is located in Boston, but I’m not. Can you work with me anyway?

Absolutely. We’re a national company with clients from coast to coast. We often travel to meet our clients’ needs. In the meanwhile, we keep them updated daily on the progress of their account via email, phone, and web conferencing.

Will I have to spend hours explaining my school and its programs to your creative people?

No agency will know your school better than you do. But because education is our primary focus, and because we have experience working on the campus-side of the business, you’ll find we catch on very quickly. One of the most frequent compliments about our staff is that they “get it.”

If I already buy PPC leads, why would I consider switching to Effective Student Marketing?

Because of quantity, quality and customer service. We can maximize the investment you’re already making and leverage it toward more leads at a lower cost.

Okay, let’s say you really are that good. Are you expensive?

We’re competitively-priced. We’re more expensive than freelance talent, but much less costly than many larger agencies. Whatever your options, few companies can generate results at a lower cost per lead. Our focus is getting you the highest possible return on your marketing dollar. We never hesitate to recommend cost-saving strategies to our clients.

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